Minoan Civilization

The Minoan Civilization was the most important civilization around Copper Era in Greece and it owes its name to King Minos. The early centre of this grand civilization was the island of Crete in the Mediterranean Sea between Greece and Egypt with two important cities Knossos and Festus. There was a vast expansion of the power and influence of this civilization over the whole Northern East Mediterranean. It lived its pick period from 2100 B. C. till 1200 B. C. The end was believed to have been caused by the eruption of Thira’s Volcano in 1400 B. C. and the cruel plunders of its conquerors in the later final years. The Minoan civilization reached high levels of technical evolution. According to the myth the first robot was created in Crete, “Talos the monster”! Also the legendary Dedalus had already been living in Crete devoting his craftsmanship and creations to King Minos.




The Myth
According to Homer, King Minos ruled  for years and enjoyed Zeus friendship. Cretan tradition believes that  Minos was Zeus’ son, born by Europe in a cave along with his two brothers Radamanthis and Sarpidon. Each brother was connected with one of the most important palaces in Crete. Minos with Knossos, Radamanthis with Festos and Sarpidon with Malia.  
According to the myth Poseidon sent a big white bull to Minos to be sacrificed, but Minos kept it for himself. To avenge Minos, Poseidon sent Queen Pasiphae an unnatural passion for the bull and the fruit of that Passion was Minotaur! Then the Queen hid Minotaur in a wooden cow that Dedalus created for her. When Minos realized the deceit he imprisoned Dedalus and Minotaur in the labyrinth Dedalus himself had created.

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