A stroll down Halidon Street

Today I’d like to take you for a wander down Halidon Street, one of the busiest streets in Chania especially in the evening, and introduce you to some of the wonderful little shops Imageand some of the people that own them.  Halidon Street is the main street that runs from the 1866 Plateia down to the beautiful Venetian Harbour, through the years that I have lived here in Chania I have not only wandered along here like a tourist enjoying all the ‘fares’ on offer but I have also had the pleasure of working here.

At the very top of Halidon on the left side as you walk down is the best (my independent and personal opinion) Kreperie shop in Chania, the tiny Roxanis Kreperie is on the corner – you’ll miss it if you blink.  Image

They serve savoury and sweet krepes, our favourite  – the crushed biscuit and merenta chocolate… definitely worth tasting, but I wont for now because further along is another delight that I dont want to ruin my appetite for…. the Tasty Souvlaki shop just opposite the entrance to Leather lane – or the ‘Stivanadika’.

The Stivanadika is famously known for its traditional leather boot makers, Stivania is the name of the boots that Cretan men wear as part of their cultural ‘outfit’ and along this street you can see them being made my hand.Image

But back to Tasty …and a two kiss greeting to Niko one of the owners before a quick bite to eat, a mouthwatering gyro plate with all the trimmings to give me some energy for the rest of our stroll


Crossing over the road we’ll stop to say hello to Mr Manoli or Emmanuel in his Gold boudoir.  This is where I had the pleasure of working some 15yrs ago, many a late night opening saw us enjoying a raki or two with customers before we closed up and headed home – Emmanuel has a lovely range of jewellery for all tastes and of course I would recommend him and his wonderful way of bargaining but then again in all honesty I am prejudiced here. 🙂Image

and off we stride, with our Cretan boots, a fully tummy and gold a jangling to continue our walk towards the harbour, maybe we should stop off and feed the fishes in one of the many fish pedicure/massage parlours?  No, I think thats for another day.  As we come half way down Halidon the street opens out into a ‘Plateia’ or square on our right, with the grand Church of ‘Trimartiri’ – Three martyrs, and funnily enough on our left side is the Catholic church, although you would have to know where it is to find it!  On the square in front of the church there is a wonderful ‘frozen yoghurt’ shop, with seating outside if you need to take a break and cool off.   Also on the square is the Meze/bar Typografeio well worth a visit of an evening and behind the church is the Metropoliton Cafe/bar, where quite regularly you can find the exhibits of local artists like Kostas Spanakis on show.


Kostas Spanakis is a local born and bred artist with an adoration of his city that is second to … mine… http://www.spanakiskostas.gr/  – I think we’ll dedicate a separate blog to Mr Spanakis, out of pure respect for his works.


Well here ends our stroll down Halidon for today, got stuck at Metropolitan enjoying cold beers and Cretan mezedakia….more food!!!!!