Enjoy the heat….


Well, well, well – its 35 degrees at 1 o’clock lunchtime, when you walk out of the air conditioned office its like walking into an oven, and having thought about the heat – because you can do but nothing else these last few day – I have realised, living in Crete shouldnt be about trying to stay in air conditioning all day and night. 

After 16 years of being in this Mediterranean paradise the ‘penny has finally dropped’ – enjoy the heat, its a joy that a lot of people cannot savour in the Northern climates.  ENJOY, feel the warmth! Having spent a short while in the UK very recently my mind constantly wandered back to the summer heatwaves of Greece, while watching the rain pour and pour and pour, and pour even more, my thoughts were of those sweltering summer days and nights where even the cold water in the shower is warm – and I longed to return to my Island home.

So here I am, and no I will not have air condition installed and spend the whole Summer going from one fridge to another to avoid perspiration.  I will enjoy every minute of this glorious heat that we take for granted when living here.  This is for all who have memories of sweltering, sun drenched Greek Summers where even the middle of night sees you wandering down to the beach for a midnight swim.


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