Greek Crisis & the New Greek Mythology [Interview with Mr. Hannes & Ms. Sabrina Bolli from Austria]

Recently there has been a lot of unfair and negative publicity about Greece and its people.  We believe that we are friendly, peaceful, family oriented, hardworking, relatively low paid, taxpaying citizens unfairly labeled with stereotypes easily handed out to Greeks today by the international media.  But let’s see what other people believe about us and our country.  These are the people that have chosen to move to Greece from their home countries in order to improve the quality of their lives.

 We asked them a few simple questions and waited for their honest replies.  Let’s see what they have stated in favor of or against the “New Greek Myths” written by the international media. 

 Hannes & Sabrina Bolli – Valley Rise No7, Darmarochori, Kolymbari, Chania.

 6th of April, 2012

 We want to begin our statement with a short mini-biography:

We live in Steinbach at the Brenner (1.045m above sea level) in Austria, Tyrol. My husband and I founded almost 20 years ago a company (metal constructions), that means very much work and stress. As we are surrounded by mountains at our home, we wanted our second home to be by the sea, surrounded by hills, olive groves and vineyards … So we decided about 3 years ago to realize our dream. For us definitely just Greece came into consideration, since we were spending our holidays there for over 30 years. We love the scenery, the good food and above all the hospitable Greeks. We liked very much the region of Kolymbari, and the small town Dermarochori. It was central, but a little off the beaten track, just what we needed. We could realize our dream, thanks to the “dead right” decision in choosing the contractor, namely Minoan Homes. The collaboration – despite the distance – worked great. For the construction of our house we had many special requirements, which were perfectly done by Minoan Homes, even down to the last detail, with hard work and in an incredibly short time. 

 Based on current progress reports (with pictures) of the construction phases, we were always informed about the last state. Every extra request has been agreed always in advance and what is even more important, they were perfectly realized and executed in detail. My husband is working for about 35 years in the construction industry and he as a very good eye for this, because he knows about this business. At the time when our dream house has been finished, he said that he does not believe that he could find in our own country (Austria) a construction company, which could do such a very good job. Finally it had to be mentioned that both the business owners of the company Minoan Homes, as well as all the staff are all incredibly friendly, helpful and affectionate people. We always had the feeling of being welcome and we have now new friends in Greece.

 Answers to the “new Greek Myths” below:

Myth # 1: The Greeks are lazy, they lie all day on the beach. How do you see that?

This prejudice is for sure not true. We have met the Greeks as very hard-working people over 30 years ago and this hasn’t changed over the time at all.

Myth # 2: The Greeks are corrupt. What do you think?

The Greeks are for sure not more corrupt than the rest of the EU-countries …

Myth # 3: The Greeks receive high salaries and by 14 (14 monthly payments per year).How do you see that?

The salaries are compared to the EU-standards much too low …
As the 14 months’ salary per year is a common practice also in the other countries of the EU, the Greeks are of course also entitled to have it.

Myth # 4: The Greeks are already at the age of 50 years in retirement. What do you think?

We believe that the Greeks work even longer than the people in many other EU – countries …

Myth # 5: The Greeks are troublemakers. All they do is riot! How do you see that?

As we are visiting Greece for 30 years, we would have noticed the so-called troublemakers and hooligans. The Greeks are a very hospitable people …

Myth # 6 The Greeks have the highest public debt in the world. What do you think?

Certainly not, because there are countries, which are in debt on a much higher degree.

Myth # 7: The Greeks and produce nothing of what you produce is of poor quality. What do you think? (Perhaps you could write here about the quality of your home?)

Absolutely the opposite is the case. Our home in Greece is of the highest quality, see the above introduction. Because the Greeks are very special people, tourism is for them of great importance, because by this they generate their income. As regards the production: out of Greece there is not just coming the best olive oil, but also other important export commodities/goods, such as: textiles and clothing, mineral oil products, food (fruit, vegetables, cheese, olives and olive oil), pharmaceutical products, aluminium …

Mr. Hannes & Ms. Sabrina Bolli are currently living in Kolymbari in their dream house designed and built by Minoan Homes.  

 The interview has been carried out by the Minoan Homes staff on 06th of April, 2012.  If you have,  for Mr. Hannes & Ms. Sabrina Bollifurther queries about their life in Greece, please contact Minoan Homes at


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