Greek Crisis & the New Greek Mythology [Interview with Guy Vayens & Rita De Vijlder from Belgium]

Recently there has been a lot of unfair and negative publicity about Greece and its people.  We believe that we are friendly, peaceful, family oriented, hardworking, relatively low paid, taxpaying citizens unfairly labeled with stereotypes easily handed out to Greeks today by the international media.  But let’s see what other people believe about us and our country.  These are the people that have chosen to move to Greece from their home countries in order to improve the quality of their lives.

We asked them a few simple questions and waited for their honest replies.  Let’s see what they have stated in favor of or against the “New Greek Myths” written by the international media. 

Guy Vayens & Rita De Vijlder, Valley Rise No 8, Darmarochori, Kolimbari, Chania, Crete.

19 March 2012  

So, we are from Belgium.

The first time on tour in Crete (in 2002) and we were immediately in love with the country and its people. We felt just at home.

The more we went to Crete, the more in love we were.

We decided to look for houses and prices, not intend to buy something immediately but within a few years.  But we saw a house of Minoan Homes (in Kolymbari) and it was directly our dream, in terms of location, size and price and neighbours! 

So we bought our dream house (in 2010).

Now we have a dream to work for and we hope as soon as possible to move! And now we are very interest in everything about Greece.  

Our dream is not changed! For us it is still a great country with the incredible dear people!!! Even now!!!



Myth No. 1:  “Greeks are lazy.  They just lie on their beaches.”  What do you think? 

Not true! Maybe they work a little bit slower but that comes through the hot weather.

Myth No. 2:  “Greeks are corrupted.”  What do you think?

Maybe some, but that is everywhere, certainly not the ordinary people.

Myth No.3:  “Greeks are receiving high salaries X 14.”  What do you think? 

Not true! Their salaries are about one third less than us (Belgium).

Myth No. 4:  “Greeks are retired when they reach the age of 50.” What do you think? 

Not true, but I don’t know when.

Myth No.5:  “Greeks are trouble makers.  All they do is rioting!”  What do you think?

Not true! Individuals who always and for all creating riots, but also that you have anywhere in the world.

Myth No.6:  “Greeks have the highest public debt in the world.”  What do you think?

For the moment, in Europe, yes, not in the world!

Myth No.7:  “Greeks don’t produce anything and if they do it is of low quality.”  What do you think? 

They have the best olive oil of the world!!! Delicious olives, oranges, lemons and a delicious cuisine!


The interview has been carried out by the Minoan Homes staff on 19 March 2012.  If you need to ask Mr. Guy Vayens and Mrs Rita De Vijlder more questions about their life in Greece, please contact Minoan Homes at




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