Street markets in Greece

One of your favourite things about living in Greece will be the open markets, which are a part of everyday life, and you don’t have to wait for summer and warmer weather before an open or “green” market becomes available on a regular basis.

Street markets in Greece are called laikes agores” (λαϊκές αγορές) in plural, or “laiki agora“ λαϊκή αγορά in singular, meaning “people’s market”.  Today no village, town or city in Greece is without its street market, held at least once a week, including Kolimbari in West Crete.

Market traders include both middlemen who sell products bought from farmers, and the farmers themselves, sell mostly fresh produce from farming cooperatives – fruit, vegetables, fish and flowers/plants.  Some household items and prepared foods are often available.

Behind the pretty picture of rows of stalls with goods, neatly set out; lie many hours of effort, starting long before the first customers reach the market.  Traders and farmers set out in the early hours of the morning in order to reach the market area before sunrise and find a good spot for their stalls.  They also need time to set out their wares in an attractive way.

Visitors enter a site which is a real feast for the senses.  Their gaze will wander from stall to stall, enjoying the rainbow of colours from fresh fruit and vegetables to multicoloured cloth and carpets.  Deep, melodious voices with village accents, joking and teasing, are raised in a huge hubbub as traders cry their wares and proclaim their final offers.  You can try before you buy.  The traders themselves encourage you to try their fruit, to prove it’s the best in the market.  Your hands will stroke soft textiles, embroidered tablecloths and runners of the kind you’ll see in every Greek house decorating the kitchen table, the television, the DVD and even the washing machine.

Our street market in Kolimbari is waiting for you every Friday, to treat you with all kinds of fresh products brought to you directly from the local cultivators & producers.  



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