Valley Rise No 7 (“Haus Stephanie”), another success story by Minoan Homes

Valley Rise No 7 was purchased off plan in 2010. 

Having found the perfect location in Darmarochori, the owners decided to take advantage of the fact that by purchasing an off plan property they could add their personal touch and character to their new home and save a great deal of money.  Everything was a straight – forward procedure, no fuss, no hassle!  Following a number of meetings during which we worked together on the plans with the owners, we designed their perfect new holiday getaway just a few minutes away from the seaside town of Kolymbari. 


Having agreed every little detail, we started the construction in the end of March 2010.  

Hard work, precision and on going building progress reports were our allies during every construction stage!  From 0 we managed to deliver the property in the beginning of September.  Which September?  September of 2010!  In other words, in six months!  The only thing that the new residents of Valley Rise didn’t like was the name of their new home… So they decided to change it into “Haus Stephanie”.  However, we will forgive them 🙂 because everyday since then the first thing that they tell us every time they contact us or visit us are these exact words:  You have to understand a very important thing:  we are very happy with the house!”.  This is our biggest reward and every time we deliver the keys of a new house we are feeling more determined to continue making people happy! 



“Haus Stephanie” was another success story by Minoan Homes! 

Please click here to see more photographs of this property.   


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Best regards from Kolymbari,

the Minoan Homes team



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